Buy Tiger for the Kindle from today

Today is the official launch of Tiger for the Kindle ebook. You can buy it from Amazon UK or Amazon US. And don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle, there’s software to let you read the format on PC, iPod/iPad/iPhone and Android phones.

A PDF version, available through different outlets, should be out in the next week and then I shall be learning how to format EPUB files, which should put it in the iBookshop. Finally there’s a service from Smashwords which should convert it to all remaining ebook formats. World domination shall ensue.

The next release for Kindle shall be Sounds Of Soldiers. I’m scheduling this for the start of next month because I’m going to redo the cover. I’ve got the concept sorted, I just need to collect the bits and pieces I shall need. The art will involve a diorama, photographed and lightly photoshopped. The original art- the model- will be offered as a prize in a competition to promote the book launch. More details on that as it develops.

The next Irwin story will probably be A Death In Didsbury, which I have started working on. When I know the shape of the story better I’ll be able to set a publishing deadline, but I’m aiming for December at the moment. Depending upon how one of the plot strands works out I already have a strong idea of what I want to do for the cover. If I go with my current concept there’ll be another win-the-cover-art competition.

My final publishing project at the moment is Heavensent, the part dieselpunk (I called it propellerpunk, but that didn’t catch on), part space opera tale I wrote a few years ago. I need to clear up the geography of the various strands of the tale, possibly shuffle scenes around and write more of it. I may drop it all into a program called yWriter to make this all easier.

I’ve got a lot of stuff to keep me busy over the next few months. Guess I’d better go and do some of it.