links for 2010-10-10

  • Ghost-cities are the places abandoned due to various reasons – economic decline, wars, natural or anthropogenic catastrophies. This city stands in the range of the ghost ones. This is Stepnogorsk and this post is devoted to it.
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  • "It all started as a dare," Bob told me at the 2nd annual Dover Nostalgia Drag Races at Island Dragway in New Jersey. "A friend showed me a picture of this crappy 1927 Dodge sedan and dared me to make something out of it," Bob says. Never one to back down from a challenge, Bob bought the sedan without any clear plan in mind. He did, however, have a whole garage full of car parts from various automobiles spanning almost a century.
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  • For everyone waiting for an R-rated Labyrinth, your time has come. We just saw the first footage of the profanity-laced fantasy epic Your Highness. It was pretty funny. And, if nothing else, it's got Natalie Portman in a golden thong.
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  • His appearance and personality may have changed dramatically over the decades he has spent travelling through time and space, but Doctor Who has always remained resolutely male.

    However, it has emerged that the show's creator urged the BBC to give the character a sex change in a desperate bid to prevent the series from being cancelled.

  • For those taking to the streets of Leicester, the EDL is providing a new white nationalist identity through which they can understand an increasingly complex and alienating world. In a similar way to how football hooligans once coalesced around support for Ulster loyalism and hatred of the IRA, the followers of the EDL genuinely believe they are "defending" their Britain against the threat of Islam. What makes the EDL much more dangerous is how it reflects a wider political and cultural war. Across western Europe rightwing populist parties are achieving huge electoral success on the same anti-Islam platform. This is being mirrored by the emergence of the Tea Party movement in the US and a religious right that is pouring money into western Europe to fight secular liberalism, which they blame for allowing Islam in through the back door.
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  • The English Defence League, a far-right grouping aimed at combating the "Islamification" of British cities, has developed strong links with the American Tea Party movement.

    An Observer investigation has established that the EDL has made contact with anti-jihad groups within the Tea Party organisation and has invited a senior US rabbi and Tea Party activist to London this month. Rabbi Nachum Shifren, a regular speaker at Tea Party conventions, will speak about Sharia law and also discuss funding issues.

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  • Nearly 200 householders in Didcot are heating their own homes with gas produced from their own waste. The Oxfordshire town has become the first in the UK to have biomethane gas, obtained from human sewage, piped straight into the natural gas infrastructure.
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