The cupboard exploded

I’ve been in my flat just under a year, and there are still boxes which I haven’t looked in- let alone sorted- since the move. I have devoted several hours over the last few days to remedying that. It is, after all, part of The Plan.

The cupboard under the stairs has given up most of its secrets. The morning was punctuated by a slightly mad voice emanating from the alcove saying something to the effect of “Oh look, MORE Transformers and GI Joes!” and than laughing nervously, every time I opened another box. Most of the crates have come out, making the flat even messier than normal, to at least have their contents looked at. I’m going to have a really nasty bruise on the shin from the one which ambushed me outside the living room as I tried to navigate the hallway in the dark.

But it’s all just a step on the road to less clutter. I’ve emptied several cardboard boxes and got a fair amount of stuff ready for binning. All the GIs- but not their vehicles- are now in one crate, just, and Transformers and sundry robo bits occupy another two. When I return them to the land under the stairs there should be a lot more space left over. I could use it to shift some of the boxes from the hallway.

Or I could try to empty those boxes……