Is Dan Brown scripting debate in the House of Lords? 5

Charles Stross highlights a very odd speech in the House of Lords on Monday night

For the past 20 weeks I have been engaged in a very strange dialogue with the two noble Lords, in the course of which I have been trying to bring to their attention the willing availability of a strange organisation which wishes to make a great deal of money available to assist the recovery of the economy in this country. For want of a better name, I shall call it foundation X.

It all sounds very familiar, as I read the ramblings of at least one deluded conspiracy theorist. Variations of the old conspiracy theorist canard, “The experts say I’m wrong, but I know secrets the experts aren’t privy to.” are deployed at least twice, making it all quite hard to believe.

Stross says that it all sounds very Robert Ludlum. I haven’t read any Ludlum stuff recently, and mention of the Vatican makes a Dan Brown comparison feel more natural. Either way, I’ll wait to see if any other revelations are forthcoming. In the meantime, would it be possible to learn more about Lord James of Blackheath’s earlier career laundering money for the IRA with the Bank of England’s blessing?

It makes you wonder what other strange stuff is uttered under Parliamentary privilege which we don’t get to hear about.

5 thoughts on “Is Dan Brown scripting debate in the House of Lords?

  • Stewart Cowan

    You don’t need access to secrets to know 9/11 was an inside job. The only three steel-framed skyscrapers in history to completely crumble due to fire did so on 9/11. Building 7 – not hit by a plane – collapsed in freefall speed. It must have been a controlled demolition and many architects and engineers agree. Hopefully you have given someone the opportunity of clicking on your link to my blog post to see the videos for themselves and make up their own minds. Thank you.

      • Stewart Cowan

        You’re ignoring reality, Ian. Okay, here’s a test – try and find another similar collapse to Building 7 anywhere in the world, anytime in history, that wasn’t a controlled demolition. You won’t.

        • Ian Pattinson

          You just broke my irony detector. You owe me a new one.

          You’re so desparate for your fantasies to be true that you’ll discard any logical or proven explanation for events- on that day or as part of any of the other dozens of conspiracy theories you’ve fallen for. I could go off and find expert and eyewitness explanations of how and why the building collapsed or I could even go off and find examples of similar collapses, but you’ll just stick your fingers in your ears and go “La la la la ! I can’t hear you!” I’ve had this sort of debate with you before, I’ve shown you evidence you claimed couldn’t possibly exist and you’ve just twisted and obfuscated in desperate attempts to avoid realising you’ve been proven wrong.

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