links for 2010-11-21

  • Photos from Gremeekha military town. Winds here are so strong, that they even blow away untethered dogs. The population of the town was 300 000, but when the navy left it, the population went down to 10 000 citizens – people are boarding up windows and leaving homes.
  • The project GL-1 was built in 1938 on the basis of a serial model GAZ M-1. Open two-seat body was put onto the standard frame, some parts were taken from the serial M-1, but the total weight was reduced. The “M” engine of course was forced, the valve diameter was widened and the machine gained 15 horsepower more. It could boast of 65 “horses”.
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  • In the early 1950-ies the governing body of the Department of Defence began to develop the naval intelligence forces of special purpose. The commanders realised that seasoned soldiers are only half the work, they needed to be equipped properly. To be successful in fulfilment of special missions the soldiers also had to use developed underwater facilities of special construction, with the help of which the special operation forces could approach the battle area quickly and stealthily themselves as well as deliver some necessary cargo.