links for 2010-11-23

  • Afghanistan and other recent armed conflicts have increased the role of sniping, and the rise of organized crime and terrorism has set the authorities thinking about the police aspect of it. Due to this fact it is an opportunity to have a look at what weaponry the Russian snipers have at their disposal.
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  • The cameras also recorded the road position and behaviour of the cyclists – including head checks, reactions and manoeuvres. The aim was to identify risk factors for both cyclists and motorists.

    In 88.9% of cases, the cyclist had been travelling in a safe/legal manner prior to the collision/near miss. Most happened at or near a junction (70.3%) and most were caused by sudden lane changes by the motorist, with sideswipe the most frequent cause (40.7%).

    The motorist was judged at fault in the majority of events (87%), and 83.3% of drivers didn't realise the danger they had put the cyclist in – or at least didn't show any reaction. Riders who frequently looked over their shoulders to check for other traffic were the most successful at avoiding collisions.

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