Satan Meat! 8

There are a number of good reasons why this country should no longer allow halal and kosher butchery of animals. Johann Hari wrote a detailed piece on them recently.

However, this is not a valid reason

Halal meat is meat from animals which have been slaughtered and ritually sacrificed to Satan* in accordance with islamic practice.

I don’t do Satan meat!

[* The god of the followers of Mohammed as presented in the Koran and known as ‘Allah’ is not the one true God YHWH but is actually Satan.]

Yes, it’s Richard Carvath, Salford funny mentalist, being an uninformed bigot again.

I’d sign a petition calling for the stunning of all animals before they’re slaughtered- effectively banning the objectionable part of halal and kosher butchery, but not their right to pray to their chosen version of God over the dead animal- but it seems that everyone who puts one up forgets about the Jewish practice and is concentrating on being anti-Islam not pro-animal rights.

8 thoughts on “Satan Meat!

  • Richard Carvath

    Thanks for the mention pal.

    I’ve no objection to the followers of Mohammed being able to buy halal meat, I just want to see all meat labelled so we know what it is and can decide whether we want to buy it or not.

    To the best of my knowledge there is no problem with kosher meat being sold unlabelled as such; the lack of labelling is only a problem with halal meat.

    And the God of the Jews is YHWH (unlike the Mohammedans’ allah) so for me Jewish meat is indeed, as they say… kosher.

    My guess is you probably don’t eat meat anyway Ian.

    Aren’t you a vegetable?

    So what are you making a big fuss about exactly?

    • Ian Pattinson

      I’m not the vegetable here, that’s for sure.

      Try reading the article by Johann Hari which I linked to and you’ll understand what the problem is with halal and kosher meat. It isn’t the praying and it’s only partially the labelling. The problem with halal and kosher meat is the slicing of the throat of a still conscious animal and then allowing it to choke on its own blood and take a long time dying in great pain.

      I’d like meat to be labelled if it’s halal or kosher so I can avoid it. Not because I have some stupid and ill informed prejudice about either religion but because I don’t want to support such a cruel way of killing the animals.

      I could stick to organically reared pork as a sure fire way to avoid halal and kosher cruelty, and that would be very tasty, but I like beef and lamb and chicken occasionally.

  • Richard Carvath

    It seems we’re essentially in agreement Ian, in that we both want to see all meat labelled so that consumers can buy what they want to buy and avoid buying what they don’t want to buy.

    But I only want to label halal meat – not to ban it on animal welfare grounds. I don’t think halal slaughter is especially cruel; slitting the throat with a knife is a quick and effective method of killing.

    • Ian Pattinson

      They can still say their prayer over the dead animal and call it kosher or halal. I don’t care about that bit. I just want the inhumane method of slaughter banned. No-one should be allowed to use their religion as an excuse to inflict pain and suffering like this.

      You’re so blinded by your hatred of muslims that you skip over important points and only read the bits you want to hear. You’re willing to let a cruel method of slaughter carry on just so long as the meat’s labelled so you can be offended about it.

  • Stewart Cowan

    I agree with Richard.

    And Ian, because people like you are prepared to have your country re-engineered for others, you will probably find that halal slaughter will be compulsory one day.

    Just remember not to complain, because you allowed it to happen by falling for the “equality, diversity and human rights” campaign promoted by state education and the media.

    You think you are a “free thinker” like Dawkins – you’re not!

    • Ian Pattinson

      Humane slaughter will be compulsory for every butcher one day. I’m sure the people who claim their religion demands they inflict pain will bitch and moan about it, but they’ll have to live with it.

      I’m a person who thinks, and considers the facts rather than falling back on superstition. You should try thinking some time, you’ll find it exhilarating and liberating and you’ll wonder why you ever believed in fairies.

      • Stewart Cowan

        Not so, Ian. All NZ lamb is already slaughter acc. to halal procedures. I see ready meals marked “halal” go like hotcakes in our local supermarket and there isn’t a Muslim to be seen. People don’t care and it’s why Islam is on the rise and it will be to the detriment of you and me and the farm animals. You’ve helped create the problems by siding with people who do unspeakable things with each other.

        • Ian Pattinson

          Unspeakable things with each other? They pray?

          Oh, I get it. The country is going to disappear under a flood of Muslim extremists because I have the decency not to be homophobic. You really need to get over this fixation with gay sex. You go on about it more than any of the homosexuals I know. Just accept that other people are allowed to love who they want, their doing so doesn’t affect you in the slightest (beyond the positive effects of living in a fairer, more decent country because of the spread of equality) and stop whining like a spoilt child who thinks the other kids have got better ice creams.

          And, as usual, you’re wrong. New Zealand banned no-stun slaughter, though this didn’t affect halal butchery so much as kosher because Kiwi halal butchers were already stunning animals before slaughter. There is a suggestion in the Johann Hari piece I linked to that halal butchers aren’t stunning the animals completely, leaving them still partially conscious, so that has to be addressed. As I’ve said, they can still say their prayers if they want. They could dance a jig to Chthulhu for all I care, just so long as the animal is slaughtered humanely.

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