Timularo (The Complete Timulo) By D’Israeli D’Emon Draughtsman

Matt Brooker, AKA D’Israeli, has collected his Timulo strips from Deadline, added other work featuring the character and released it as a collection called Timularo.

Remember Deadline magazine? Remember that weird strip with the writing round the edge of the page? That’s Timulo. When glum Esperantist Mateo Timulo quits reality and goes off to live in a world of his own, he isn’t prepared for the complications that follow. First he’s abandoned by his male power fantasy, Mark E D’Sade, then he finds himself stalked by those cubist Yuppie nightmares, The Nietzche Bros. And as for D’Israeli, necromancer, polymath, and zombie of England’s greatest statesman, just whose side is he on? Collecting the entire run of Timulo, the 1998 sequel Consequences, and more than 20 pages of previously unseen material, Timularo is wilder than a bucketful of killer haddock, and stranger than even the enigmatic Curse of Kong… 168 pages, black & white.

Damn you D’Emon! I’m supposed to be clearing my bookshelves!