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  • Warner Bros. had half the right idea with their Buffy the Vampire Slayer remake. It's about time somebody picked up the baton Joss Whedon dropped seven freaking years ago. But we don't need more Buffy, just more heroes like her.
  • Here it is. All summed up. You needn’t look further. I’ve been investigating Star Trek for decades, I own all the episodes, all the series, the movies and cartoons, and even wrote a STAR Trek TOS OGN for IDW that nearly won a JSA, and I’ve got it all down to a science. Now, I present to you…
  • Two kings of speed – father and son Sir Malcolm and Donald Campbell – have been commemorated with a single blue plaque in London.

    English Heritage unveiled the monument at Canbury School, Kingston-upon-Thames, their former home. Malcolm Campbell is connected to numerous London addresses but the substantial nineteenth century detached house on Kingston Hill is the only home where both he and his son can be commemorated together.

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