How to butcher Bambi

Warren Ellis has just alerted his Twitter followers to the pre-Christmas sale by a company called Martin’s Jerked Meat. I’m tempted, but I’m also stocked up with almost enough food to take me into the New Year. I am, however, interested in Martin’s butchery courses.

Starting in spring 2010 we will be running courses on skinning and butchering venison in South Wales.

Courses are available for one or two days.

The weekend course starts with your arrival on Friday evening. Saturday morning begins with a hands on lesson in skinning a fresh carcass. We will salt the skin ready for curing later on. Next, you will be shown how to break the deer down into haunches and joints with advice on the best uses of each cut.

We will be processing some of the meat for both mince and sausages which we will all make together. You will be guided through how to salt down a haunch to make a delicious dry cured venison “Parma ham” style joint of meat and we will also help you cut and package your share of the venison to your preference for easy freezing when you get home.

We will have the outdoor smoker and dehydrators on site and you will be shown how to marinate and dry the meat using both methods.

Once the meat is processed we will then prepare the choicest cuts and you will be shown how to cook them over an open fire. On Sunday we share out the meat, jerky, sausages and mince between all the people on the course.

The one day courses run from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm on Saturdays and will consist of skinning the deer and breaking down the carcass into manageable pieces.You will then render the fat into tallow and make a stock from the bones before making 2 different varieities of traditional sausages. Once all of the sausages have been made they will be shared amongst all the people on the course.

Course Costs

2 Day Course: £250 (including meals, camping and a banquet on Saturday night)

1 Day Course: £130 (including meals)

Group Bookings Available. There are a number of B&Bs within easy walking distance of the course location.

For enquiries or to register for this course, please send an email to Martin.