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links for 2010-12-05

Spinneyhead Christmas gifts for the railway modeller

If you’re looking for a gift for the railway modeller in your life then I may have just the things for you.

Check the Model Railway Products category for transfers and one offs for OO gauge layouts, all of which will be dispatched quickly and in plain wrapping so you can sneak them past the person they’re for.

I also have a lot of products available through 3D printing service Shapeways. Of particular interest to your railway modelling friend or relative will be the OO gauge section of the shop. All prices include VAT and delivery (there may be some differences outside the EU). Shapeways estimate a ten day delivery time for their products, though my most recent order arrived in less than that.

1:32nd resin car bodies

Every so often I’ll get obsessed with a particular modelling subject and buy lots of kits, most of which may never get made (by me at least). A couple of years ago, whilst writing a “propellerpunk” sci-fi tale, I got loads of models of less well known planes- prototypes which never made it into production, Luft46 fantasies, that sort of thing. I’ve still got the flying wing, and that may yet get built, but most of the rest have gone the way of EBay.

My new obsession is 1:32nd scale model cars. They don’t take up too much space and they come in some interesting subjects. Arii do some cool Japanese retro vehicles, though I have to find them on EBay as it seems no-one in the UK stocks them. Airfix did an equally interesting range of British vehicles. But they’re mostly out of production now, and the rarer ones can get a bit pricey.

These resin slot car bodies by Pendle Slot Racing may be a source of interesting British classics to customise, if I ever work my way through the backlog I’ve already got. The bodies are £20-£40 each, it’s true, and I’d have to provide chassis and interior detail, but I could have fun creating a very British custom car meet with a few of them.

Or I could buy myself a Scalextric track, build them for their intended purpose and re-enact chases from The Sweeney and The Professionals with them.