Today I shall be mostly playing with hifi equipment

Today I shall be mostly playing with hifi equipment, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

TIBO AMP100 amplifier through Wharfedale Diamond 10.0 Speakers with a Denon ipod dock, £250ish. Onkyo iPod dock, Arcam rdac digital to analogue converter, Rotel amp and Bowers and Wilkins speakers, £1000ish. Linn Magic DSI and matched speakers (also connected to the Onkyo dock), just over £4000. This is the system which almost made me cry on Monday when I heard all the levels of bass in a FLAC version of White Lines, which mp3s and lesser speakers can’t begin to handle.

You can hear the difference the money buys, though with mp3s it’s most noticeable at the first jump, the Linn shows up the flaws in lower bitrate mp3s, but is excellent with FLAC and high bitrates.

Having said all that, the Tibo is excellent value. For an extra £50 you can get a cd player with it. I’m saving up to get one for my birthday, it’s the best value I’ll get on my budget. Only available from my employers, Superfi, as well.

I’m not even being a whore. I don’t stand to make any money from these recommendations, unless I can somehow link them to Amazon later. Some linkage found.