links for 2011-01-15

  • We ordered catalogs from the last three years of the show and tallied the typefaces used. The results won’t shock you — each of the top ten is a tried-and-true classic. Yet there is so much more great type out there begging to be used for academic text and titling. So, along with the champions, I’m recommending a few less common alternatives that offer just as much readability, function, and beauty for today’s books and journals.
  • An archeobotanist has figured out how they made beer in 500 BC. With a ditch in the back yard, some barley seeds, and some henbane, you too can drink up like the ancient Celts.
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  • Researchers were able to defeat the constant ear-ringing disease tinnitus in rats. And they did it by recalibrating the rodents' brains with the noise. They stimulated a nerve in the rats' necks while playing specific tones over a long period of time. This retrained their brains to interpret that sound properly, reverting neurons back to their original state and preventing the constant maddening ringing from the disease.
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  • Try THE NOT .99 METHOD: How to roll-your-own e-payment and delivery system for selling your books & comics so quick and reliable that not even Apple can take it away.
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