Just add these to the wishlist

It’s Sunday, I feel like having a look on eBay for silly vehicles I’d love to own if money, storage and sense were no object.

If the North Pole keeps on warming up and pushing Arctic winds further South for longer periods, then we can expect many more winters like the this year’s and last’s. It may be time, then, to invest in a Snowcat, aka a Volvo BV202 NF1. This funky vehicle, as used by multiple armed forces, exerts a low ground pressure so it can travel over snow and swamps and even float, driven through the water by its tracks. There are two for sale, but they’re both in Romania. If that’s too far, or the price is too steep, and you already have an off roader then maybe you only need to invest in a snowplough attachment. Or you could restore this vintage snowmobile.

Closer to home are two examples of another beloved old military vehicle- the Willys Jeep. One is listed at £2,500, is missing a gearbox and hasn’t run for at least 35 years. The other is at £5,500, but at least runs.

Of course, sometimes you just hanker after the quiet life and want the neighbours and the kids to shut up for a while. If gentle reasoning hasn’t worked it may be time to break out the armoured riot van, as used in Northern Ireland.

If slow and steady is more your style then maybe you need a road roller. Around here I could use it to do a public service and fill in all the potholes.