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Daily Blog 03/05/2011

  • Dear Mr Desmond,

    You probably don’t know me, but I know you. For the last two years I’ve been a reporter at the Daily Star, and for two years I’ve felt the weight of your ownership rest heavy on the shoulders of everyone, from the editor to the bloke who empties the bins.

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  • Today‚Äôs the day, 75 years ago, when the Spitfire took to the skies on its maiden flight. The designer, RJ Mitchell, had already built up experience with high-speed aircraft through his Schneider Trophy seaplane racers, and for the Spitfire, Mitchell sketched a design with unusual elliptical wings that could be armed with no less than eight machine guns. There was a closed cockpit, with oxygen supply for the pilot at high altitude, and a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine that made it faster than any other British aircraft.

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  • The Tension Table has developed out of my now fully fledged obsession with wine bottle furniture! Only this time I was sure there was a way to build a table that supports itself on only two bottles in compression, with the required tension coming from a network of wire. The aim was to hold the whole structure in tension using one hook and eye strainer, that is visible through the table’s upper glass surface. I was going for an eerie, that-shouldn’t-stay-up feel for this one which was a surprise success of the kitchen shelves – many people were confounded as to how they stood up!

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