Daily Blog 03/09/2011

  • Since 1852 the Derringer Pistol has been a favorite conceal carry choice of gun men and law men alike. It was created by famed gunsmith Henry Deringer and instantly became a hit from the years he produced it 1852 – 1868. The Derringer Pistol was such a hit that it produced a host copy cat designs who dubbed theirs the “Derringer” adding another “r” to the name of the pistol (so named off it’s creator Henry Deringer) but basically using the same exact design. So many companies copied the design that the the “double r ” name for this poplar pistol stuck over time. Today the Derringer line of pistols is still being made by a host of companies and the basic design has remained the same with some minor changes in barrel length, chambering ranging from .22 cal all the way up to the big bore Derringers in .38 Special, 9mm and even the .357 Magnum

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