Daily archives: March 17, 2011

Introducing Garth Owen

I shall soon be graduating from being an independent author to an independent publisher, helping other people get their books available for ebooks and seeing how they fare. The Spinneyhead brand shall be quite diverse, with entries in multiple genres.

The first author to come on board is Garth Owen. I shall be publishing Slashed, his slightly loony horror/action/comedy hybrid novella before the end of April. It’s sort of Scream meets Die Hard.

Garth writes more pulpy stuff than I do, and he tends to be a bit more graphic when it comes to scenes of sex and violence. I have high hopes for his stories. He also has a name which returns no other results for humans in a Google search. (There is an author called Garth Owen-Smith, whose book An Arid Eden: One Man’s Mission in the Kaokoveld looks interesting but is unlikely to be confused with Slashed.)

The last edits of Slashed have begun, and I shall be starting work on cover concepts soon. Then I shall be talking to other potential writers for the Spinneyhead line.

There is a Garth Owen page on Facebook. It is a little empty right now, but it shall be filling up as publication of Slashed draws closer. Use the Like button below.

In the tiny little dog house

Model Shipyard is a Polish company specialising in laser cut card and wood models, such as these 1:87th scale accessories for your model house’s garden. 1:87th is HO, a model railway gauge favoured in Europe and the USA but less so over here and there are products available for it which put the more British OO (1:76th) to shame. I have plans to rectify this, if I can spend enough time learning 3D modelling and do a better press blitz for the products I’ve already created.