Dear LazyWeb, timelapse photography in a box please

I’d rather like to do some timelapse photography, but I’m not very organised. What I’d like to see is a timelapse box. There’d be a camera, of course, but it would be stuck in there with a processor and memory.

I’d be able to mount the box where I wanted to, set a few basic parameters and leave it be. It would take photos at the intervals I choose, save them and even stitch them together into an ever growing video. What I’d also like it to do is generate a composite photo from a set of shots. For example, one shot is taken at the same time every day and a sliver of pixels- proportional to that day’s share of the image width- is added. At the end I’d have a version of the normal view but with a sampling of every day’s conditions. It would work best if the photos were taken at 5 or 6 in the morning so you’d get a sunrise/sunset effect.

Obviously the box would be accessible over a home network and possibly the internet, so I could check in and take backups. I know this is basically a glorified webcam, so it may already exist. If so, can anyone tell me about it.