Daily Blog 04/11/2011

  • Gary Calvert, a 65-year-old member of the Muckleshoot tribe, lowers himself into the coffin-size cockpit of a 14-ft.-long cigar-shaped race car that he built back home in tiny Enumclaw, Wash. He scoots his legs forward until he’s lying nearly flat on his back, then watches as his chief mechanic, Gary Tripp, lowers and secures the hatch over him. Sealed inside his machine, Calvert stares into a periscope prism, looking upward in order to see straight ahead. And all he can see is an expanse of empty whiteness split by two black lines that mark the 5-mile-long, 90-ft.-wide timing course of the renowned Bonneville Salt Flats. Orange flags, a pair per measured mile, recede into the heat-hazed distance. After a year of planning and building, tuning and tinkering, the time has come for Calvert to push his car to the limit.

    tags: saltflat hotrod

  • Bellytank Lakester

    I have always had a desire to build one of these. Following my first drag weekend at the HRD and an Ebay listing I thought why not just do it and try out a bit of racing.

    The tank is from a Hunter and was from an Aviation salvage yard near Lichfield so for £300 I had a start.

    tags: bellytank lakester hotrod

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