Slashed is now available for the Kindle

Slashed is available in for the Kindle. You can buy it from Amazon UK or Amazon US.

Slashed is an energetic and over the top homage to the slasher movies of the eighties and beyond.

What happens when the madman in the mask isn’t the most dangerous person in the house?

When eight teenagers turn up unannounced and determined to have a party at Warden’s Lodge they are warned away by the grizzled old owner of the gas station nearby. Of course, they don’t pay any attention to him.

Over twenty years ago Warden’s Lodge was the scene of a horrible massacre when a prisoner on a work gang went crazy. He killed the three most powerful men in the county, as well as the guards and his fellow prisoners, then he disappeared. Ever since then the locals have kept their doors locked and their guns close.

When the teenagers set up camp in the Lodge it seems obvious what will happen. But they’re not what they seem, and there’s something waiting in the woods for them and the hidden killer. In one long night a lot of blood will flow, and Warden’s Lodge will never be the same again.

A house with a grisly history.

The killer who calls it home.

Eight teens planning a party.

But who’s hunting who?