Daily Blog 04/16/2011

  • At about 1:00am last night a group of around eight police officers attempted to forcefully enter the OK Café on Liverpool Road, Castlefield. MULE reporter Tim Hunt witnessed the events.

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  • Once you get past GHOST’s initial spleen-venting, the PALADIN OF SHADOWS series falls into a much-maligned, much-loved genre which, for lack of a better name, I call “Man Builds Stuff and Gets Lots of Pussy.” This is, quite frankly, what got me reading the series: I am not much for stories of a guy just killing terrorists and getting laid a lot; but let him start building a small kingdom while killing terrorists and getting laid a lot, and I am there. I confess that have a soft spot for these kinds of stories. I suspect that *lots* of men do: even if we don’t build things ourselves, we like to *read about* guys building things: castles, weapons, companies, societies. It’s really very soothing; it combines the pleasures of fiction with a those of a do-it-yourself manual. The same impulses may explain why a lot of male writers aren’t content to have their hero just carrying, say, a 1911 as his sidearm; they have to tell you what make, model, whether it’s got an internal or external extractor, what aftermarket parts he’s tuned it up with, and who he bought them from, until you know all about his Kimber’s Ed Brown slide stop and Wolff springs.

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  • Four-hundred purchases and 25 years later, Collins has assembled the largest collection of pedal cars in Britain. Now he has put them on display in a specially converted Edwardian mill in East Sussex.

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