Daily Blog 04/25/2011

  • Digital files, cloud computing and accelerating broadband have long put bike messengers on the endangered species list. No matter how fast a messenger is, even a triple rush can’t compete with instantaneous. For messengers, technology is more of a threat than wily cab drivers and potholes.

    But, oddly, technology is also what keeps them around. The evolution of software and mobile phones has allowed some messenger companies to work in autonomous cells, rather than as an overhead-heavy hierarchy. A central headquarters is now obsolete, and profit-sharing employees take turns dispatching and making runs.

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  • There are spies in the skies, and they’re trying to catch you doing something awesome. As remote controlled flying drones have become more sophisticated and stronger, they’ve opened up a new field of amateur cinematography – the recording of extreme sports. Whether it’s surfing, skiing, or paragliding, RC helicopters fixed with durable cameras allow you to get aerial footage that will blow the minds of your friends and enemies alike. Catch some of the phenomenal shots captured by these miniature aircraft in the videos below. These clips are a taste of the extreme forms of lifelogging we can expect in the future as cameras and RC drones continue to improve.

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