Daily Blog 04/28/2011

  • April 1971 – the Beatles’ last LP is just a memory, the money system had gone decimal and the mood in the cinema is defined by the urban bleakness of Get Carter. The 1960s were well and truly over and if one wanted further proof, the venerable Morris Minor and Oxford were to be replaced by a vehicle that was to become a by-word for automotive ghastliness – the Morris Marina.

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  • I posted last week’s post on inaccurate e-book royalty statements issued by the traditional publishers. Much as I hate the term “the Big Six,” I’m going to use it here, just to delineate those publishers from other publishers that have sprung up in the past fifteen years.

    For those of you who haven’t read last week’s post, I suggest you click here, particularly if you are a traditionally published author who has had books published (now or in the past) with the Big Six. If you aren’t a traditionally published author, please forward this blog and last week’s to your writer friends who have had books published from well-known publishing houses. You (and/or those friends) need to check your royalty statements, and you must do so now.

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