Daily Blog 06/08/2011

  • According to Watts, countries like Russia and China are developing stealth-detection systems that include VHF and UHF radars. There is also a “passive-detection” system that “uses radar, television, cellular phone and other available signals of opportunity reflected off stealthy aircraft to find and track them.” The U.S. is betting big on stealthy aircraft, with the purchase of 1,700 F-35s coming up. (These planes are $100 million a piece). What if they can be detected after all?

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  • AN Abingdon garage owner might try to keep a full-sized replica Spitfire on his forecourt as a permanent memorial to brave wartime women pilots. The model of the famous Second World War fighter has been catching the eye of passing motorists and passengers since it was installed at Peter Jewson’s Lodge Hill Garage on Oxford Road last month.

    But owner Mr Jewson said the plane did not yet have permission to become a permanent landmark.

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