Daily Blog 08/09/2011

  • There’s been a few great posts about classic hot rod comic art, but it’s interesting and hopeful to see that the traditional hot rod is alive and well in modern comics too. In the afterglow of Comic-Con 2011, I was turned on to three great comic artists that are using the iconic 20s and 30s coupe and roadsters (with a few mid 50s Chevy’s thrown in) to tell gritty tales of racing, wreckin’, and world domination.

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  • Several independent film, DVD and Blu-ray distributors have lost their stock – in many cases, all of their held stock – in a fire caused by the rioters in London. I covered this a little earlier today, but I didn’t want to just report on it, I wanted to do something about it.

    Thankfully, there is something we can do. It may not, in all cases, be enough but that, I suppose, is up to us. Many of the films available from these distributors can be purchased not only as hard copies, but as downloads.

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