Pride Parade 2011 2

So I started the day at a cycle jumble at the Velodrome.

Riders practising in the Velodrome

And had to photograph a levitating Formula 1 car before leaving town at the end of the day.

Flying Mclaren

But in between, and luckily between rain showers, was this year’s Pride parade. The photoset is on Flickr. But let’s share a few here.

Manchester Pride Parade 2011

I don’t know who this is- apparently she’s the country’s favourite “trolley dolly”- but she headed the parade. I know it’s disrespectful, but when you’ve had Sir Ian McKellen at the front this is a bit of a climb down.

Manchester Pride Parade 2011


Manchester Pride Parade 2011

Don’t argue with the homosexuals, they have tanks.

Manchester Pride Parade 2011

Scary transgender Spice wants you. Baby transgender Spice looks like she doesn’t know where she is.

Manchester Pride Parade 2011

Oh pirate girl I love your look. If only I were your type.

Manchester Pride Parade 2011

The hairy arm of the law. The bears are always good for a cheeky float.

2 thoughts on “Pride Parade 2011

    • Ian Pattinson

      I spotted that, Google reader caches RSS feeds so I saw it there. Very amusing. With Carvath you have to wonder whether he thought the bear float “Hairy arm of the law” was the real Police. He’d claim it was “satire”, but he’s presented more than enough evidence that he really is that stupid.

      It’s always heartening that the Police (the real ones) marching in Pride get possibly the loudest applause of anyone in the whole Parade.

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