Daily Blog 11/20/2011

  • Rachel Maddow has had an “aha” moment which is sort of hilarious but is also sort of scary. Basically she’s decided that Herman Cain is a joke—not in the sense that we all know he’s a joke because he has very few qualifications to be president and also has overly simplistic policy ideas and does incredibly stupid things like harass women. No, she thinks he is a joke in the performance art sense—like he is the Borat of Republican presidential candidates. Is that even possible? Could someone run for president as a joke and get this far? Maybe? Yes? Or maybe he’s not even in on the joke?

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  • While it’s understandable that cyclists today feel conditions on the road can only improve, on this day 110 years ago the risk posed by ‘modern-day highwaymen’ was such that cyclists were being advised to use the late-nineteenth-century version of a super soaker water pistol to startle their attacker.

    According to an article in Pearson magazine (not to be confused with Pearson, the British bicycle brand still trading from the world’s first bike shop it opened150 years ago), the cyclist who is a skilful rider, who possesses pluck and dash, who has mastered the elementary rules of defence on a bicycle, and who is armed with a knowledge of how to use a machine to the best advantage as a weapon, may rest content that he is able to defend himself perfectly when attacked under the majority of likely conditions

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