Daily Blog 11/25/2011

  • Tracey Hillyard and her three teenage children live in a small, 1990s terraced house whose leaky walls and roof were leaching heat out of the home. Concerned about escalating energy bill, Tracey approached her housing association, East Thames, about the problem.

    As luck would have it, East Thames had been invited to participate in a nationwide government programme, Retrofit for the Future, trialling innovative energy saving technologies. So Tracey’s home was put forward as a case study.

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  • When it comes to converting a manuscript to an e-book format, less is definitely more. The way written material appears on a computer screen may not be the way it will appear on an e-reader. Using proper formatting techniques will generate a consistent look for your e-book, regardless of the device being used to read it.

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  • Lots of information delivered as heat maps. Very cool, I just need something to use it for now.

    tags: census statistics

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