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Daily Blog 04/30/2012

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Daily Blog 04/23/2012 1

  • Some motorists want cyclists to pay ‘road tax’. They need to realise that bicycles, as non-polluting vehicles, would be classified as Band A vehicles and hence would have to pay the same as cars that pay nothing for their ‘road tax’. With 25 million bicycles in ownership, that would be £25m to get each bicycle a valid tax disc. Do motorists really want to pay a lot extra for their car tax to subsidise registration and duty compliance for millions of bicycles?

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The Empire Marketing Board


I dropped in to Manchester Art Gallery yesterday because it’s been a while (and to avoid the rain). Tucked away in one of the smaller galleries were a few posters from the Empire Marketing Board dating back to the twenties and thirties, and they were rather gorgeous. Clean and well designed, they did their job very well. The one above struck me as particularly lovely. If you’re feeling generous you can buy me a print of it.

There’s a Flickr set of the Empire Marketing Board posters held by the Manchester Art GAllery.

Daily Blog 04/20/2012

  • The Robin Hood of modern crime returns!
    He robs from the evil and heartless rich, and gives to the wronged and deserving poor–in the process, keeping a percentage for his own expenses. He doesn’t work for the law, the government, or anyone else. He is a lone wolf…an adventurer, a detective, a rogue, but always…a gentleman!

    In “The Sizzling Saboteur” – The Saint travels to Texas in pursuit of a man who has been sabotaging weapons factories, but when his quarry turns up burned to crisp, he has to contend with both the local police, a trio of mysterious men behind the sabotage, and a beautiful Russian.

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Daily Blog 04/16/2012

  • While the art industry celebrates the return of the stolen Cezanne masterpiece “Boy in a Red Waistcoat,” recovered this week in Serbia, thousands of other famous stolen works of art continue to be traded on the black market or collect dust in storage.

    According to the Art Loss Register, an international index of stolen works, there are 350,000 stolen works of art in the world. Once thieves realize they can’t sell the paintings at auction or get paid a ransom fee without getting caught, many try to obtain cash or collaterall illegally, said Chris Marinello, general counsel for the Register.

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An architectural wander around Ashton Under Lyne

Ashton Under Lyne architectural wander

I recently moved to the eastern side of Manchester, and have found myself in Ashton quite often in the last few months. The town has some interesting buildings and has rekindled my interest in taking photos of architecture.

Ashton Under Lyne architectural wander

The day I chose to take my first wander had one of those Mancunian overcasts where my camera registers the sky as a featureless pale grey. So no brooding clouds behind any of the buildings in this set. Sorry.

You can see the full Ashton Under Lyne architectural wander set on Flickr.

Daily Blog 04/08/2012

  • I don’t want to be reassuring to people whose awful bogosity I oppose. I want to provoke and challenge, I want to change the status quo, I want to tear down the gooey conventionality of morality and narrow standards of public behavior. I want us all to mock and laugh at public professions of piety. I want to change how people think, and I want people to reject the absurd claim that our morality is founded on an odious holy book.

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