Bikes and Banners for Bank Holiday Monday

Manchester Whit Walk 2012

The very first pictures I uploaded to Flickr, way back in 2005, were of the Manchester Whit Walk. Nearly 8,000 images and over a million views later I finally managed to catch the Walk again. I’ve not uploaded many of the photos I took today to the Whit Walk 2012 set because I wanted to post stuff quickly. More may be added when I have time.

On the way into town I stopped to get a few shots of the Daily Mirror organised cyclosportive. I like this one-

Manchester Cycle

(I did a little bit of Photoshopping to remove the street light which was sticking out of the rider’s helmet at an odd angle and to get a darker and more detailed sky.)

As I walked my bike along the side of the route I was asked a couple of imes why I wasn’t taking part. The honest answer is I’ve been distracted and disorganised and, as with so many things, it sneaked up on me before I really knew about it. Maybe next year……

I also took this picture, a baby architectural wander-