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  • Kathy

    These articles on ghost towns are really interesting. I love exploring places like these because they have a real aura of mystery to them. I reckon there are a few places near to us that are turning into modern ghost towns – there are many blocks of flats in Manchester that were constructed before the recession that don’t seem to have many inhabitants. As well as this, there are some incomplete structures like Sarah Point in Ancoats and the canalside development in Droylsden, which appear to have run out of cash halfway through the build. And let’s not forget the subject of one of your previous posts, the abandoned streets in Clayton which were earmarked for demolition as part of the Pathfinder scheme, but this never happened. It’s really interesting to walk round this abandoned suburb, but it’s also rather sad to see a part of Manchester that has had the soul ripped out of it.

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