Daily Blog 07/15/2012

  • Amazon is under fire again, this time for profiting from ebooks on terror, hate and violence. The Muslim Council of Britain has called on Amazon to take “proper responsibility” for the content of books on its site, with one ebook on sale reportedly including images of the Qur’an being burned and a woman being hanged.

    All booksellers make money out of books featuring terror or violence whether it’s Homer’s Iliad or JG Ballard’s Crash – but virtual booksellers appear to present a new threat to public morality. Once upon a time, we could rely on traditional publishers to make sound editorial decisions to publish obscenity and gore, now anyone can do it.

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  • Get ready for some earth-shaking dinosaur debauchery — these bizarre scientific illustrations imagine how 30-ton prehistoric behemoths had sex.

    In case you were wondering, paleontologists believe T. Rex and friends mated much like dogs do.

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