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  • Rat is a readily available street food in some Southeast Asian countries, and earlier editions of The Joy of Cooking contained instructions on the proper butchering of squirrels. But rodents have fallen out of favor in most Western cuisines, relegated to mere vermin. So how would you go about cooking a rat if you’d never tried it before?

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Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a cool Bakfiets bike

I need to transport small children, so I need a trike.

Bakfiets is a style, and a brand, of Dutch cargo bike (not all bakfiets are Bakfiets, if that makes sense). Ever since I realised I was primarily a utility cyclist, I’ve had a yearning for a proper cargo bike. There are also a pair of four year olds I need to port around on a regular basis. I’ll have to start paying bus fare for them soon, so an alternative would be worthwhile.

Real Bakfiets are expensive (excellent value over their lifetime, but a lot up front), and even the lower case bakfiets on eBay start at over £700.

Time to start saving, I guess. Though I might be able to find a cheaper project version in Bike, Scooter, and Chopper Projects for the Evil Genius, a copy of which I’ve got lying around somewhere.

Daily Blog 08/04/2012

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Daily Blog 08/01/2012

  • Mark Cavendish, the cycle road race world champion who is tipped to win Britain’s first gold medal at the London Olympics, today calls on ministers to consider European laws to protect cyclists.
    The fastest man on two wheels says that if drivers knew that they would face harsh penalties if they knocked down a cyclist they would pay more attention and safety would improve.
    He cited the example of the Netherlands and Belgium, where there is a presumption of liability against drivers involved in crashes with cyclists.
    In most European countries the onus is on drivers to prove their innocence in collisions resulting in civil law suits for damages. The reverse is true in Britain, where cyclists or their families have to prove that the driver was at fault if they are to win a civil action.

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