A few pointers to future weapons tech 1

Just a few things I spotted this morning which could be coming to a battlefield, or thriller, near you one day.

Mind controlled quad-copters.  These are being developed to give the wheelchair bound a new view on the world, and maybe provide other tools to make their lives easier, but mind interfacing weapons have long been a sci-fi staple, so you know someone out there’s developing this technology with entirelyy different types pf blades attached.

Using Android phones to call in airstrikes.  Okay, the article rubbishes the idea, so it’s unlikely to be used practically.  But as a plot device it is quite cool.

BAE’s Striker helmet gives fighter pilots ‘X-ray vision’.  Just the latest iteration of the move to a completely UAV air force?

One thought on “A few pointers to future weapons tech

  • Kathy

    This is why I think the real reason for cuts to the military are due to technological advances rather than a lack of funding available to support the armed forces. The government is investing more heavily in advanced weapons that don’t require as much manpower, so there is no longer a need for a large army, navy or air force.

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