Daily Blog 09/17/2012

  • Rolls-Royces always seem sort of untouchable. If you see one, it’s usually immaculate and maintained in a standard fitting its absurdly highbrow image. Not always, though.

    No, sometimes it’s way, way better than that, like this Baja’d-out Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

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  • Personally, I dread Thatcher’s death. It will be a nightmarish blend of the hysteria that followed Princess Diana’s tragic accident and a month-long political broadcast for the Conservative Party. “She put the ‘great’ back in Great Britain,” our impartial media will lecture us; those who dissent will either be purged from the airwaves or demonised as spiteful lefties. Senior Labour politicians will feel obliged to join in the serenading of a PM who, in many cases, laid waste to the communities they represent. I hope she goes on and on.

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