Making Jesus famous?

I’m an atheist*, but there’s something about the motto of King’s Church that offends me. It’s even the URL of their website- ‘Making Jesus famous‘.

It’s the sheer arrogance of it that rubs me up the wrong way. Who could possibly believe that they could make the second most famous fictional character in the world any more well known?

I reckon far too many religious leaders are all about aggrandising themselves and feeding their egos. Their god, whichever one they claim, is only ever a prop.

*I was going to say ‘affirmed atheist’, but there’s something about the phrase that suggests we have to go through our own version of baptism or confirmation- where a man in a white lab coat anoints your forehead (preferably with whisky) with a Doctor Manhattan style hydrogen atom and calls upon you to renounce all fairytales.