B Movie Night- Almost Hollywood

A low budget film with a bit of T&A about low budget films full of T&A.

Straight to Video films specialises in softcore skinflicks “erotic thrillers”, all of which seem to be filmed on the same bedroom set. But when the producer is thrown out by his wife for playing casting couch with one of his starlets, his life falls apart. The starlet is slaughtered on-set and her replacement is making ridiculous demands.

Sadly, the film has production values at the same level- possibly lower- as the films it mocks. The acting (and/or the script) is wooden, the jokes flat and the tension in the supposed thriller is non-existent.

There are boobs, I guess.

Not a great film, then, but it is only one of twelve films on the Rare Cult Cinema DVD and, at the price you can get the collection, it’s not a great waste of money. (The disc is Region 1, so make sure you have a player that can read it.)