B Movie Night: Big Guns

Tony Arzenta is an ice cool mob hitman, but he wants to retire so he can see his son grow up. Of course, his bosses have a very different idea of what retirement should involve. When it’s his wife and child who die instead of him, the only option is vengeance.

This is low key Italian revenge thriller from the early 70s. The colours are muted, until we get into the mob bigshots’ offices and apartments, which are almost always done out in dubious and over the top reds and blacks. The plot proceeds steadily from set piece to set piece, with bursts of violence and a couple of good car chases.

Compared to previous B-movies, it’s easy to think of this as a “real” film. There’s obviously a budget, and the actors are recognisable, even if only from other Euro-mob films of the period. The dubbing isn’t even that bad.

Big Guns is from thr Big Guns Collection, which came from the States but is region free.