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  • Once upon a time a band set out to make a Christmas song. Not about snow or sleigh rides or mistletoe or miracles, but lost youth and ruined dreams. A song in which Christmas is as much the problem as it is the solution. A kind of anti-Christmas song that ended up being, for a generation, the Christmas song.

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Albert Pyun- the B-Movie maker’s B-Movie maker

There are already a few Albert Pyun flicks lined up for B Movie Night reviews, and I’ll be adding more as I find them.  He has made a lot of low-to-no budget and straight-to-video flicks of varying levels of quality and coherence.  io9 has an interview with him.

[The decision to make post-apocalyptic films] was the direct result of the fact that locations that weren’t in ruins were more expensive. Locations that were in ruins or demolished or some kind of big forest fire had happened, were much easier to get. And they didn’t care as much how you left it. So that was mainly the reason why a lot of us gravitated towards that genre.

via Incredibly Strange and Ridiculously Cheap: Albert Pyun’s 30-Year Career in B-Movies.

Big in Japan (and Brazil and, eventually, Canada)

Kindle books have been on sale through Amazon.jp for a few weeks. Here’s Slashed on the Japanese site. And here’s Sounds of Soldiers.

This morning I noticed that my books were also available in Brazil. Here’s Garth Owen’s books on amazon.com.br, and this is the amazon.com.br list of books by Ian Pattinson.

There’s also a list of Ian Pattinson’s books available from Amazon in Canada, but not all of Garth Owen’s (two book) backlist is live right now. The Girl on the Bridge has a page, but Slashed is currently returning a 404 message.