B-Movie Night: 25th Reich

Iron Sky’s less talented little brother.

This film promises Nazi UFOs and storm troop mecha, so how could I resist. It also has a nice sharp style to its opening titles. Sadly, it doesn’t deliver.

After an initial shot of Elefant tanks and a Haunebu style saucer craft being ominous in 1944, we’re taken back to 1943 and a completely different film. Five US service men (marines? I’m not sure it’s made clear) are sent into the Australian outback to hunt down a pair of escaped pumas- the mascots of the US Pacific fleet. Except that they’re also carrying an odd piece of technology, and the mission is not really about the big cats. Dodgy special effects, bad acting, time travel and illogical story twists follow.

The promised mecha and flying saucers finally materialise in the last fifteen minutes or so, and they’re badly rendered and disappointing. And then it’s revealed that this is just part one and there’s a sequel due. Despite everything, I have a horrible feeling I will be watching it.

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