B-Movie Night: Love Goddess of the Cannibals

Softcore with soft fruit.

On a sultry Caribbean island, sexy and psychopathic Papaya has a mission, and she will seduce and kill whoever she needs to to save her village. The film opens with the Love Goddess lounging and sashaying along a pristine beach before going into a thatch hut to make love to a drugged up, bearded blonde guy. There’s an air of threat, as two scowling men watch Papaya from the treeline, but she’s the one who draws blood. Choosing a third option when giving head, she eschews spit or swallow and goes for bite, rend and tear. Her accomplices burn down the hut when she’s done snacking.

Enter holidaying reporter Sara and her some-time lover Vincent, a geologist doing a survey before a nuclear power station is built. They’re about to have sex when they discover the crispy dead guy in Vincent’s hotel room. As the local Police start a half hearted investigation into the murder, Papaya pops up again to distract the couple and take them to her village- the proposed site of the nuclear plant.

After a bizarre wander to the wrong side of town, Sara and Vincent get tricked into participating in the Ceremony of the Circular Stone, a blood and drug fuelled orgy performed to an incongruous electric guitar soundtrack. They wake up in another village and Papaya’s plot is revealed. Now, what little plot there was is tossed aside except as an excuse for more simulated sex and nudity, topped off by a bit of lesbianism on the beach after Sara undergoes an unconvincing conversion to the Love Goddess’s cause. Then the story goes full circle and the seduction of another man involved in the power plant begins.

The story may have been flimsy, but there was more to it than I expected, and the acting only suffered a few wooden moments. And there’s a fair amount of nudity- mostly Papaya and Sara, but there’s the occasional glance of man-bits and a whole room full of skin in the orgy scene. The one thing that did seem to be missing was cannibalism, with only Papaya’s sausage snack and a bit of fresh heart before the orgy. Not that I’m disappointed by this, though.

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