Daily Blog 03/23/2013

  • Mini Paceman

    This is the car for someone who wants the style of a Mini (excuse me, *MINI*), but can’t make any sacrifice for the lack of space, which I would like to point out is the ENTIRE POINT OF THE MINI. In any case, here are these people who want a small car, but don’t actually want a small car, so Mini makes them the Clubman so they can have a Mini that isn’t mini. So then what the hell is this thing? Are there people who feel guilty that the Clubman is too a big car to say ‘Mini’ on it, so they get the smaller version of the big version of the Mini?

    That’s the Paceman, and it is completely pointless.

    tags: cars

  • Lots of abandoned scrapped trucks that used to be the army supplies, now stays there nobody cares.

    tags: russia truck reference

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