Daily archives: May 26, 2013

Buy the original art from the Sounds of Soldiers cover

The finished piece

New in the Spinneyworld shop is this unique piece, created for the cover image of Sounds of Soldiers. You can read about the build up here.

The diorama features 1:6th scale items on a base, depicting a makeshift soldier’s grave, in keeping with the themes of the book. It comes in a display case to keep the dust off.

Commission your own Skeleton Boy sketch

Commission a Skeleton Boy sketch

Skeleton Boy has had his share of adventures over the years. Now it’s your chance to own your own unique piece of Skelly memorabilia.

Just like the first Skeleton Boy drawings, your commission will be done on an art card or a postcard, signed and dated on the back. All you have to do is decide what you want Skelly to be doing* and what size you want the image to be. You’ll get the original drawing, but a scan of it will be added to the Skeleton Boy set on Flickr.

*We reserve the right to refuse to draw anything that’s deliberately offensive and refund your payment.