Daily archives: June 7, 2013

B-Movie Night Book Club: Double Penetrator- Blood on the Strip/ Hijacking Manhattan

Mark Hardin* is The Penetrator.  He was a star school athlete, until he was nobbled and had his knee damaged so badly he could never compete again.  Then he joined the Army and became a top special forces operative and investigator- until he uncovered the wrong piece of corruption and was beaten almost to death.  Returning to the States, he fell in love with his mentor’s niece, but when the Mafia tried to kill him, she was collateral damage.

Now Hardin is waging a secret war on crime and corruption in the USA.

In Blood on the Strip, Hardin goes to Vegas after a friend has her face disfigured by knife wielding thugs. He’s after a corrupt talent agency which is tricking dancers into prostitution as well as strong-arming debtors.

Hijacking Manhattan sees a violent offshoot of the Black Panthers (funded by Communist Chinese drugs) holding New York City to ransom with bombs and a very nasty virus.

Both stories are a bit repetitive- Hardin heads off to a site of interest, meaning to just look around, but getting into a shootout. The scale of the violence escalates and one or more sexy women is put in danger (maybe even killed) before The Penetrator kills all of the bad guys and returns to his desert retreat.

I’m being unfair, there are a few gimmicks that are quite cool, such as the super fine gloves printed with anonymous prints so that Hardin cannot be so easily tracked, and the writing isn’t too bad. It’s a diverting enough book with a lot of the old ultra-violence but not much sex.

You can buy Double Penetrator from Amazon.

*Yeah, I know.