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Daily Blog 06/30/2013

  • Located in the market town of Cockermouth in northern England’s Lake District, J.B.Banks & Son Ltd ironmongers and hardware shop was established in 1836. To date, this spellbinding shop has survived two serious floods and three truck crashes, and boasts a counter-top decorated with keys and pre-decimal coins, an ornate National Cash Register and an enchanting chiming clock.

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Ooh look, a parade

Ooh look, a parade, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

That’s the beauty of this city. You go into town to buy some cds, and you bump into a bike ride on closed roads on the way in then a parade on the way out. I think it’s a celebration of Manchester’s Italian (or Scottish, given the pipe bands) community. Feel free to correct me.

Could be here a while

Could be here a while, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

On Thursday my pc fell over so seriously that, after two days of trying to fix the booting issues, I installed Windows again.

This morning, it’s told me it needs to catch up on a few updates rolled out since the factory install disk was burnt.

I’m off out. It may have sorted itself by the time I get back.