B Movie Night: Oasis of the Zombies

Some time during the second world war, a German convoy crosses the African desert carrying six million dollars worth of looted gold and killing everyone they meet so as to keep their course secret. Until they meet a British Long Range Desert Group attachment in an oasis.

Only one man survives the battle. After being rescued by a local sheik he vows to never return to the haunted oasis. Pausing only to shag the sheik’s daughter, he heads back to the war. Returning two years later, he finds his lover has died giving birth to his son.

Fast forward 37 years and the boy, now in his late teens, is told his father is dead. Reading the old man’s diaries he learns about the raid and sets off with a few friends to find the oasis, which is now guarded by zombies.

This film might have been passable if the transfer had been done properly or from a better quality source. Sound and picture quality were apalling, such that, in some key night time scenes, the picture resembled white noise more than anything else.

You can get Oasis of the Zombies on DVD from Amazon, but I wouldn’t recommend it.