Daily archives: August 5, 2013

Ten Shades of Grey

Times we spent cheating and lying
Wondering when we would be back by your side again
Hoping and praying to get through the day
I need your attention to see through the fray
It’s night again all the time
Shadows are lurking but I can’t find mine
People look at me as they flood through the door
I need your attention not theirs anymore
And the light from the candle goes dim
as I slip deeper down from the brim
The people are fading away
As I slip into colours then ten shades of grey
If I don’t last this one tell them when I’ve gone
That playing with you was incredible fun

Terrorvision- Ten Shades of Grey, from How To Make Friends And Influence People

Against my better judgement, I read a little bit more of Fifty Shades of Grey last night. Still no characters or sex and I’m 13% in.