Cakebread Street

Cakebread Street, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Now I have to go and see if cakebread is a thing.


This very unusual name is one of the oldest on the surname list. It is said to be of Norse-Viking and Olde English pre 9th century origins. It derives from the Norse word ‘kaka’ meaning cake, and the English ‘brede’ and is apparenty a medieval occupational metonymic for a miller of special flour or a baker of ‘dainty’ cakes and small flat loaves. These were made from a special fine and sweet flour called ‘cakebread’. ‘Baking’ was a village activity in ancient times, the baker usually providing a communal centre for the cooking of most foods, however the specialist nature of this surname and the relative rarity, suggests that ‘Cakebreads’ may have operated differently. One of the many unusual features of this surname has been its almost unchanging spelling since the fourteenth century, another rarity in itself.