Monthly archives: November 2013

An architectural wander around Pendleton


At noon and six pm (and around 10 am on Sundays) church bells play a tune over Pendleton. I think this church, St. Thomas, is the culprit.

Heading east from St. Thomas, I found the first evidence of what would become a recurring theme.


The Pendleton Cooperative Industrial Society put their name to a lot of buildings in the area.

Post-industrial Pendleton seems to have mostly gone over to recycling based businesses. In its run-down, faded way, it reminded me of Ancoats and canal-side Manchester in the nineties and early noughties, though I’m not sure it will ever be rehabilitated and gentrified in the same way.


Laundry Street is just as sad and abandoned as the sign suggests.


This spire standing by itself in the middle of a housing estate intrigued me. Why was it left when the rest of the church was knocked down?


The rest of this building has been demolished, so all you get is the end of its name.


….and two different dates.

There are more images in the Pendleton Architectural Wander set, and more to explore. I’ll get on the bike some day and have a longer wander around the area.

Inside the minds of conspiracy theorists

I’ve argued with conspiracy theory believers, and been called all sorts of names because I’ve pointed out the implausibility of their claims. However, it’s these people who like to crow about being the only ones who can see the “truth” who are the most gullible. The distrust in authority or “the mainstream” (and everyone else) that they foster, makes them more likely to accept without question ridiculous, and often contradictory, ideas so long as they show the Establishment in a bad light. It’s a sad way to live, and I often find myself feeling sorry for them at some point during our exchanges.

Inside the minds of the JFK conspiracy theorists – opinion – 22 November 2013 – New Scientist.

Feel-good graphene condom development to be funded by the Gates Foundation (Wired UK)

The future of condoms could come from Manchester! Okay, the intention- improved sexual health, particularly in the developing world- is serious, but it’s hard not to make funnies about condom research.

With all the students in town, it shouldn’t be hard to get volunteers to test them out. (I think I did it again.)

Feel-good graphene condom development to be funded by the Gates Foundation (Wired UK).

Treasure hunt for £4m worth of Bitcoins buried on hard drive at landfill site – Telegraph

This is the potential setup for some sort of caper movie or slapstick chase film, with people finding, and then losing or having stolen, a hard drive loaded with Bitcoins (or made up filmic equivalent).

Treasure hunt for £4m worth of Bitcoins buried on hard drive at landfill site – Telegraph.

Christmas gift ideas from Spinneyhead

Not long to go until Christmas, so, if you’re unsure about what to get your friends and family, may I suggest a couple of online shops.

Buy my handmade, art and vintage stuff from Zibbet, or get 3D printed models from Shapeways. All cool stuff, some of it using the most modern of methods, some old school.

And don’t forget, if you have a Kindle you can buy my books from Amazon (and Garth Owen’s as well).

Double Trouble Hot Rod

It may seem like an odd thing for a cyclist and longtime eco-worrier to say, but I like cars. Interesting cars, not everyday ones or even those supercars we’re all supposed to drool over. Stuff like this- a two engine, four supercharger 1927 Ford Model T hot rod. It’s insane and awesome and far more interesting than any Ferrari could ever be.

Corrugated Citroen Cliche 2

Corrugated Citroen Cliche, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Okay, so you have to mispronounce Citroen to get that to alliterate, but I hope you can appreciate what I was going for.

I love the look of these old French vans, but they’re everywhere now, lazy shorthand for "authentic" and "artisan". I’d love to see some old Bedfords, or even first-gen Transits being used as well, just to mix it up a bit.