Vote for Policies

Vote for Policies is an interesting site, another in a line of neat democracy enhancing tools on the web. You choose four to six areas of concern and are then presented with policies from six different parties, but you’re not initially told which policies belong to which party*. Choose the collection of policies which you most closely agree with in each area and the site will work out the party you’re most closely aligned with.

Here are my results. I come out as two thirds Green (which is reassuring, as I joined the Greens a couple of months ago). If you’re inclined to sneer and tell me that the Greens are a one-policy party, please note that the environmental policies I voted for were the LibDems’. Also interesting is that the results for my constituency (from only 458 respondents, admittedly), put the Greens ahead of Labour.

*But it’s fairly obvious in some cases- the repeated blaming of the EU or immigrants flags up the BNP and UKIP quickly.